und News will be rebranded as PureGym will be rebranded as PureGym by end of 2021

By end of 2021, all clubs will be rebranded as PureGym. had already been part of the PureGym group since 2019.

PureGym is the UK’s largest fitness operator, famous for its low prices, flexible membership options, high-quality equipment and great classes. Our mission is to be the fitness choice for every-body, regardless of age, body type or income level. Our low prices and high quality equipment make good fitness affordable for everyone. In a time when health and a strong immune system are more important than ever, we believe that no one should be denied the chance to work out in a state-of-the-art fitness environment.

Our members are all part of the same fitness family, whether training in the UK or in Switzerland. We would now also like to make that more visible externally, by using the same brand name and colours in the different countries, enhancing a feeling of community that transcends borders and gradually makes the countries in which we operate into healthier nations!

More information is coming soon and members will be informed as soon as more details are available with regards to the rebranding of the clubs.

During the rebranding of the clubs, the studios will remain open. No clubs will be closed. We estimate we will need two weeks per club for the rebranding.

The rebranding will not change anything about the current memberships and subscriptions of our members. Of course, as a company, we always strive to optimise our subscription and product offers where we see fit. This is independent of the rebranding.

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