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Fitnessclub Basel Markthalle

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Club Basel Markthalle

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Enjoy as Premium member from the additional advantages of a premium membership, among which the possibility to bring a friend for free on weekends, freeze your membership for free for up to 9 months per year and train in all PureGym clubs.

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Get access to the PureGym facilities of your home club including Fitness on-Demand (online courses) and usage of the PureGym app with live visitor data available, this all for an incredible price.

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im Fitnessstudio Basel Markthalle


6.30 - 23.00 Hour
6.30 - 23.00 Hour
6.30 - 23.00 Hour
6.30 - 23.00 Hour
6.30 - 23.00 Hour
9.00 - 20.00 Hour
9.00 - 20.00 Hour
9.00 - 20.00 Hour


Steinentorberg 20
CH 4051 Basel
Tel. +41 61 271 13 48 /

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What we offer

at the Basel Markthalle Fitness Studio

Experience fitness in Basel Markthalle

Discover our training world

The fitness world in Basel Markthalle provides you with a wide range of fitness equipment, fitness courses and the space to reach your goals. Whether you are a professional, advanced or a complete beginner, in the Basel Markthalle fitness centre everyone gets their money's worth with individual fitness training. Register online today and enjoy fitness in Basel Markthalle.

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  • Funktional training


  • Gerätetraining

    Excercise machines

  • Ausdauer


  • Abnehmen

    Group workouts

  • Solarium


  • Getränkebar


  • Vibration


  • Plateloaded


  • Hanteltraining


  • Rückenstraße

    Lower Back Exercises

Fitness on-Demand

PureGym brings your workout into your living room. The best trainers in the world provide lots of fun, action and entertainment. Experience a real group feeling and workouts that are different and new every time – from the convenience of your own home!

Learn more

Live Group Fitness

Entdecke mit PureGym Live Kursen die verschiedensten Group Fitness-Kurse. Auspowern bei Bodypump oder entspannen bei Yoga – Du hast viele Möglichkeiten. Erlebe Motivation pur und trainiere im Team. Erhöhe deine Trainingsintensität, verbessere deine Koordination und sorge für reichlich Abwechslung mit Group Fitness!


Innovation, professionalism and first-class training are our top priorities at PureGym. With Cyber Group Fitness, the fitness world can enjoy a future-oriented technology that makes it possible to experience a challenging digital workout with world-class trainers in one of our studios. A thrilling fitness experience that creates a bridge between the digital and physical worlds on site, offering a wide range of courses.


Arrange a FREE TRIAL

Test training session in Basel Markthalle

Ready to make it happen?

You can check out our fitness facilities in our PureGym fitness centre in Basel Markthalle at any time free of charge and arrange a test training today. You have the choice whether you want to train in Basel Markthalle or in any other PureGym club. Arrange an appointment with our trainer or discover our fitness world in Basel Markthalle on your own. You can also bring your friends along for the test training session.

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